Amy Willis works with many clients who have begun to draft a report or proposal but need help organizing their information and putting it all together. Sometimes multiple authors have contributed to a document, and their voices need to be unified into one, clear writing style. And oftentimes, people simply want their documents reviewed with an eagle eye for grammatical or spelling errors.

Amy edits documents of any kind. Editing may include some or all of the following improvements:

  • Moving text around to achieve a more logical flow of information
  • Creating appropriate sections, subsections and subtitles to make the document easier to understand
  • Identifying areas in which information may be unclear and working with the client to address those issues
  • Ensuring that the language has the desired tone and is appropriate for the target audience
  • Unifying the writing styles of multiple authors
  • Finding a pleasing font and layout design
  • Addressing spacing issues, margins and other visual details, and ensuring consistency across multiple sections of a document
  • Correcting grammar, sentence structure, punctuation and spelling errors
  • Ensuring use of the active voice

"Amy edited a 300-page document written by over 60 different authors for submission to Harvard Medical School. She did an outstanding job, even though she was not familiar with the content. The result was a beautifully written 300-page narrative, that reads 'in one voice' (not 60!)."

Laurie Ansorge Ball
Senior Administrative Director
Massachusetts General Hospital

• • •
"Amy edited a series of detailed health care documents for Bailit Health Purchasing and the State of Vermont. She was able to grasp the subject matter quickly, and her revisions were thoughtful and meticulous. The finished product was very professional."

Margaret Houy
Senior Consultant
Bailit Health Purchasing